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Vermicomposting Station

Vermiculture Set Up

Problem of Waste Management

Lucrative is the problem of waste management today because of the cost of taking care of them. The whole world tends to focus attention on how to get rid of excessive waste material but does not apply what is readily available and utilize what is free. This is why I personally want to welcome you to this blog where I am envisioning to discuss all sorts of self-sustainability and recycling ideas.

African Nightcrawler Worms

African Nightcrawler Worms

Introduction to Vermiculture and Composting

I came to be introduced to this topic because I myself and my wife are two people with the help of our one and only daughter in favor of clean and green living. We want to help against the problem of global warming with the introduction of vermiculture and composting and recycling of biodegradable waste materials in the kitchen at home. This way, our family may be able to help in world conservation and at the same time live healthy and self-sustainable life.

Tipping you with Backyard Gardening

We employ basic home and backyard gardening systems to produce our own organic vegetables and food to eat for daily living and while we do this, we also have a vision to help recycle different waste materials both bio-degradable and non-biodegradable. The issue is we want to help in our own small way.

Self-Made Gardening Tools

Sample Gardening Tools

What We Might Sell

We would like to come up also with basic business ideas not just to market whatever product we have here in our own small set up of vermiculture composting using worms, particularly ANC or African Night Crawlers but also to be able to finance our mission and call the help save the world from global warming. As compared to incineration we want to help introduce the system of composting as well as different guides in doing so. We might sell some common aid tools in backyard gardening as well as for vermiculture with the different guides and how to’s we’ve learned reading online resources and with our conversations from different people who also believe in world conservation and green and healthy living.

Tips on Best Practices in Backyard Gardening and Organic Farming

Combined together, backyard gardening and farming could be one of the smallest yet biggest contributor in the fight against global warming. Apart from this fact, green healthy living has also become worldwide phenomenon in going for self-sustainability. We will be featuring videos and short clips in some of our posts to help you understand more easily what we want to convey as our message with the use of this blog. These tips will include best practices, tips, how to do this and that and where to get what you need with the use of online resources on your front or backyard gardening with the use of organic farming and planting of ornamental greens. We might occasionally also feature self-help videos that we personally make and record using our own achievements in our very own planting and vermicomposting station. Have a good day, always.

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