Vertical Farming


In the busy, crowded and modern urban cities, lack of space is scarce. The never ending skyscraper structures in every corner of major cities are a sight to see for the locals and tourists.

But with the continuous global warming, pollution brought by human error, growth in human population,  how can these modern generation help the environment to keep the air clean if most of these young professionals live in high rise condominiums?

Vertical farming is the answer!

Vertical farming is the cultivating of plants in a skyscraper greenhouse of any vertical surfaces.

thGilbert Ellis Bailey first coined the term’vertical farming’ in 1915.  Bailey was one of the early innovators of different planting and farming ideas and one of it is vertical farming.

Modern use of vertical farming uses high degree of natural light and the techniques being used in this kind of farming is the same as how farmers cultivate plants inside a greenhouse.

People into vertical farming are commonly called farmscrapers (farming-skyscraper) and you can see many of these farmscapers in Japan where not only space but, land is really scarce.

There are many advantages in starting your own vertical farming.  One of it is preparing for the future if the time comes that food supply will be insufficient with the growing population in the next 20-50 years.

Many are not yet aware of what is happening in our surrounding but its a fact that will the pollution and global warming, mother nature is beginning to tell us to save her and do something to make it the way it used to be … clean water, clean air, the greens.

Vertical farming is just one of the many options we can help ease some of these milansm-leadenvironmental issues.  And it will not only benefit people you know but might be of help in feeding the masses.

With the health benefits of the leafy vegetables and plants, many are turning into the healthy living lifestyle.

Most of these cultivated plants using vertical farming because it will be produce organically and no pesticides usage.

Vertical farming also sounds the best solution for crops destroyed by bad weather condition.  As we all know, the major agricultural countries have been trying to control crops from being destroyed by the wrath of mother nature but, as we say, when mother nature’s rage starts, all we can do is to wait for her to calm down, and try to move on and wait until crops will grow back again.

And also, with the modern structures all over, air is gem.  With vertical farming, living in high rise buildings is very advantageous to still breath fresh air.  With the oxygen plants emit from your own vertical farm, fresh air can still be enjoyed for free.

Though we see that vertical farming will be the future of mass starvation, there will always be disadvantage in this kind of method.

Vertical farming uses organic waste that will turn to biogas as one of the source of its vertical-farm_smelectrical need.  Biogas contains methane that is a main contributor of global warming.

Methane is also dangerous to the human body with a content that can suffocate human.

Pollination is also seen as a disadvantage of vertical farming.  We all know that pollination is very important  in farming.  With plants growing in high areas, and preventing insects to come near, we see that the life cycle of other plants may  decrease without the natural reproduction of pollen.  Artificial pollination will cost more.

But with the modern technology man discovers and develops everyday, solutions to these disadvantages of vertical farming will be invented and the future of still living in a healthy world is not far behind.

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