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Garden Tools for beginners

Are you sure to be a serious gardener?

Better start by having the right garden tool for starter.  The best tools that you can use should be comfortable in the grip, easy to use, easy to store and easy to clean. Continue reading

Gardening Lingo : A-C


ACCENT PLANT – Focal point plant that will catch the attention.

ACHEVE – A one seeded fruit which does not split open to release it’s seed ex. strawberry seeds. Continue reading

Welcome to Vermiculture and Composting website

Vermicomposting Station

Vermiculture Set Up

Problem of Waste Management

Lucrative is the problem of waste management today because of the cost of taking care of them. The whole world tends to focus attention on how to get rid of excessive waste material but does not apply what is readily available and utilize what is free. This is why I personally want to welcome you to this blog where I am envisioning to discuss all sorts of self-sustainability and recycling ideas. Continue reading