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How to create your own Zen garden

A zen garden or sometimes called Japanese garden is a miniature landscape that is fully composed of rock arrangements, water features, bushes and pruned trees. Unlike any ordinary garden, a zen garden usually uses gravel or sand. Continue reading

Tips on how to become a successful gardener

woman gardener

For many who wants to start their own garden, their foremost reason is to make your backyard or your front yard pleasing to your eyes and of your neighbors. Continue reading

Starting your own garden using large containers

Home gardening is hobby that is relaxing, enjoyable and satisfying.

But there are still gardeners out there, specially for the newbie gardeners that does not know how to start a garden just using containers. Continue reading

Tips to have a healthy organic vegetable garden

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The all natural product technique gardening or organic gardening has been very popular now specially to all health buff people and the growing population of vegetarians and it is not only because they want organic gardening to be their happy, but, it caters to their new found healthy lifestyle. Continue reading

Garden Tools for beginners

Are you sure to be a serious gardener?

Better start by having the right garden tool for starter.  The best tools that you can use should be comfortable in the grip, easy to use, easy to store and easy to clean. Continue reading