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Guaranteed 100% Pure Vermicast for Sale in Manila Philippines

Vermicast Organic Fertilizer

Vermicast for Soil Nutrient Depletion Recovery

We guarantee our vermicast had no other impurities. We only sell by bulk with minimum order of 1 sack which is cheap enough to have you start a small backyard or container gardening system just like when me and my wife had been starting to grow our organic vegetable garden in the Philippines. Right now we are already harvesting healthy organic, fertilizer and chemical pesticide-free vegetables. Continue reading

Vermiculture Composting (Vermicomposting) definition and basic principles

Vermiculture, otherwise called vermiculture composting, worm composting or vermicomposting is an aid to self-sustainable system that can be easily done, maintained and set up with the use of 2 factors. They are worms and compost pile combined. It is also a form of organic waste material recycling/ re-processing which is a better alternative compared to exposition of waste material to heat (incineration), thereby releasing harmful aerosol and carbon dioxide to the air that we breathe, eventually destroying little by little, the ozone layer that protects us from ultra violet rays of the sun. Vermiculture is a cycle that uses red worms commonly called as African Night Crawlers (ANC) to decompose material or in processing the organic and bio-degradable waste in our communities. Continue reading