Steps in Floral Arrangement


Floral arrangement or floral art is the art of designing decorative arranging of flowers in a vessel mainly for beautification.  Others sometime call this art as floristry. 

Most of this arrangements are created in vases, boxes, baskets, etc.  Bouquets, corsages, wreaths are samples of floral arrangements.

Florist is the person who does this beautiful art.

In Japan, floral arrangements is called Ikebana.

Today, flower arrangements is not only an art but it can turn to a very profitable business.  Modern technology also contributes to the success of floral arrangement business by taking your orders online.  You can choose the flowers, the containers, how you want the arrangement to look like and you can even add some personal request in it.flowers2

And also, modern day florists, with the changing and growing demands for flower arrangements, they will add toys, fruits, and extravagant packaging to tender the customer’s desire.

Flowers are not only to express your feelings but, most of the time, flowers make the perfect ornaments in any occasion or for your house beautification. There great demand for flower arrangements every year, every month, every week.  With the never ending events in our lives, flowers are really and important part.

Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, debuts, altar decorations.  You can tell that we are collecting memories with flowers as one of the neglected part in that memory.

For all newbies and wannabe florists, here are the simple steps to make your own floral arrangement.

Step 1: Preparation of materials to use

In every task, the first thing to do is to prepare all the materials to be used.  In flower arrangements the following are the essentials in this kind of art:

  • Flowers
  • Container (vase, basket, etc.)
  • Floral foam
  • Greenery / branches
  • Cutter, scissors
  • Waterproof tape
  • Glue (if needed)
  • Wire


Step 2:  Shape the floral foam that will fit your chosen vessel.  Taped the foam to the vessel to make it firm.

Step 3:  Planning  and designing

Planning and designing of floral arrangements is like planning what you want your garden to be.  Starting with the base of the arrangement, put in the greenery and branches.  From this you can now visualize the arrangement of the flowers you will put in if by size, color or kind.

Step 4: Trim the flowers to your desired length.

Once the base is put into form, trim the flowers by starting with the focal flower you wantflower 3 to put at the center.  You can trim the flowers as you go on designing the container.

The beauty of flower arrangement is that, no matter how many mistakes you will make in trimming, you can just easily rearrange it, and an unexpected replanning will take place but definitely, a beautiful art will be the outcome that pleases your eyes and the others.

Step 5: Finish product

If you think that your arrangement is final, you still need to check your creation in every angle for definitely, a beautiful idea will come and you might add some more to make it perfect.


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