The most popular vegetables to grow in your own garden

For most seasoned gardeners, choosing the right vegetables to grow in his or her own backyard is so easy.

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These gardeners already have ideas for the best vegetables that can suit up with the kind of soil in their gardens, the size of their gardens and how they will design it, and best crop right for the climate in their location.

But with the right tools, soil, and your eagerness to be a home gardener, there is no good or bad, easy or hard in gardening.  Anyway, its a trial and error for beginners but in the end, as what they say, what you plant is what you sow and it will always a rewarding end.

Here are some of the vegetables for the beginners that you can easily plant in your gardens:

  • Tomatoes are the number one  and most favorite vegetable to grow in your garden.  With the hundreds of varities of tomatoes, you can never go wrong because it is one of the easiest to plant and grow

  • Carrots is very popular in gardens with cool temperature.  Its easy to plant just by tossing the seeds in the areas where you want them to grow.

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  • Broccoli can be grown even in containers.  Broccoli needs to be taken care of regularly to avoit the cabbage worms.  One of the healtiest vegetables in the market, broccoli is very high in calcium, irong and magnesium.  And this is a salad favorite ingredient.  It is one vegetable that needs to be grown in cool seasons.

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  • Red bell peppers can be planted in simple pots.  This vegetable is high in potassium, riboflavin, and vitamins A, B6, and C.

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  • Peas are easy to plant and grow. Usually, peas must be planted in fences or if you have trellis that will be nice.  Harvesting periods are furing spring and summer.  These are prolific plants and prefer cold weather.

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  • Green Beans are easy plant.  Like peas, the perfect place where to plant beans are in fences or trellis. 

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  • Cucumbers can be grown in warm temperature.

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  • Spinach is another super-food to grow. With just sprinkling the seeds on over organic potting soil, in just a week have baby spinach to start adding to your salads.

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  • Lettuce the most popular of the leafy home garden plant, grows mostly in cool temperature.

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  •  Kale, collards, spinach, turnip or dandelion greens are becoming popular garden vegetables. All green leafy vegetables contain high amounts of calcium, iron, potassium, and vitamins A, B6, and C.

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