Korean Natural Farming: How to Culture and Harvest Lacto Bacillus for EM-1™ Inoculant Production

Lacto Bacillus Microbes

Lacto Bacillus Microorganisms

In the 40 minute video of Korean natural farming ways where you can see the step by step procedures on how to culture and harvest lacto bacillus for use in your small garden or large farm, we hope to teach you with simple attainable ways of implementing it. Whether you are a small farmer or a big farm owner, you can do this with very minimal cost instead of buying online from sources out there who also do it with their own. Remember that all these Korean natural farming inputs are derived from out of what ingredients we have available in our home so basically, there is no fear that you can’t do it or will do it wrong. (full photo credits to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lactobacillus)

Of course there is always room to make mistakes and they usually occur in your first trials but there really no failure if you just take a deeper look at what you have done. In the end, you get to learn from those mistakes and therefore, you get to perfect whatever it is you are doing to benefit from it in using the produce in your own garden or farm. It is really doing it on your own that pays you the most and you get the bonus of selling your excess produce to other people who are looking to benefit from natural and organic farming ways of the Koreans.

Today though, the culture of EM (effective microorganisms) is being implemented on a wide scale globally because farmers and growers have seen so much potential in using the produce in vegetable farms, fruit farms, flower farms as well as for small and big gardens out there. So let’s start with it. Watch the video below on how to culture and harvest lacto bacillus (indigenous microorganisms) (IMO) using just some common household materials and ingredients that you can usually find in your kitchen and at home. The video was uploaded by Bryan McGrath of www.prokashi.com.

In the video posted above, Bryan also mentioned a few ways with which you can maximize the use of the IMOs at home, in the garden, for pets, poultry, soil and water to help these stuff get in to its most beneficial state in natural proportions just like the old times when the soil was still very fertile that you could literally grown almost anything on it without so much effort and cost of production unlike today. These IMOs also help the environment get on its way to be cured of its problems and help get back the state that it was and should be to be able to give back more than just safe and healthy food to produce but also for living.

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