What is hydroponic gardening?

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Have you heard of hydroponic gardening?

From the very root word of it, I got the idea that this is more of water gardening…that’s it!

Well, I’m half right, quite right, but as I was reading how this become and the advantages I and we can get from this kind of gardening, I may say, from the very root word of it, I think, i knew not even half of it.

Hydroponic gardening is the type of gardening that grows plants without the traditional soil planting but the type that grows plants using mainly of the minerals and nutrients of water.

History of hydroponic gardening will take you back all the way to the 1920s when William Frederick Gericke of the University of California at Berkeley tried applying and promoting hydroponic gardening and in  the 1930s, hydroponics was used to grow vegetables for the passengers of Pan American Airlines on Wake Island because this island has no soil .

It was a trial test but went out to be a successful test.

In the 1980s at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT, Allen Coopers featured  a variety of hydroponic th (2)techniques in promoting this kind of gardening.  As it progress, NASA adapted this kind of gardening and tests were done if it will be applicable to do this process in space or in Mars.

Fast forward, there are now modern farmers who are into hydroponic gardening and even trying it in their homes.

There are now many forms or system or methods of hydroponic gardening.  Here are some of this method:

  • Solution culture method uses only the nutrient solution and not the solid medium. It can be static solution culture, continuous-flow solution culture and aeroponics. T
  • Medium culture method has a solid medium for the roots like sand culture, gravel culture, or rockwool culture.
  • Static solution culture are more on plants grown in containers of nutrient solution.
  • Active hydroponic system uses a pump to move the nutrient solution.

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  • Passive hydroponic systems are usually too wet and may not supply enough oxygen to the roots for the plants optimum growth rates.



  • The bubbler system is the cheapest type of hydroponics.

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  • The Ebb and Flow hydroponic system uses a submersible pump in the reservoir.

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  • The Nutrient Film Technique or NFT system uses submersible pumps and reusing nutrient solutions.



Hydroponics gardening is very cheap in the first place.  With proper training and the tools to use, you grow your own food that tastes better and very nutritional.  This type of gardening is best for spaces without backyard like living in high rise codominiums or renting out an apartments.


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