Herbs and their Nutrients Series : THYME

thyme 1

Thyme is one of the more popular herbs along with Rosemary, Basil and Parsley, that is more commonly use as garnish in the culinary world.  And like the three herbs mentioned, Thyme’s health benefits are sometimes or many times been ignored.

Thyme belongs to the herb of the mint family and is a relative of Oregano.

Thyme has been very popular during the ancient times.  Egyptians used it for embalming and the Greek for their baths and as incense believing that thyme is a source of courage.  The Romans use thyme to purify their rooms and as flavouring to cheese and liquors because of its fragrance.

It was popularly used in the Middle Ages specifically in Europe in aiding them to have a thgood sleep and old folks believed that it ward off nightmares.

Fresh or dried, thyme today, remained a very useful to chefs around the world.  And at the same time, like any other herbs, not only the chefs, but all health buff and doctors as well, are now more concern of the health benefits thyme and the other herbs can contribute to our everyday lives.

Some of the health benefits we can get from thyme are:

  • ACNE CURE – with its anti-bacterial properties, thyme is best to cure acne.  If mixed with alcohol, its mixture will form a tincture solution that had been tested as an acne fighting compound.
  • PREVENTING COLON CANCER – thyme extracts thymus mastichina L  was found to be very effective in fighting / protecting from colon cancers.
  • PREVENTING FROM BREAST CANCER – wild thyme carries a compound that can thyme driedhelp in preventing breast cancer.  Laboratory exeperiments show that wild time induces cell death in breast cancer cells.
  • LOWERS BLOOD PRESSURE – thyme extract reduces the heart rate and lowers the cholesterol.  The most effective use of thyme to lower your blood pressure is to substitute this herb to salt.
  • BOOSTS IMMUNITY –  with the rich vitamin C and vitamin A, thyme helps to boost your immunity to diseases.
  • COUGH REMEDY – oils from the herb’s leaves can help not only from your cough but other acute bronchitis symptoms. Tea made from thyme can also your sore throat.
  • CURE YEAST INFECTION –  thyme oil can help cure the fungus that causes mouth and vaginal yeast infections.
  • CAN BE USE AS A DISINFECTANT – thyme oil helps people affected by pollutants like mold, to disinfect the bacteria it causes.  Once you get affected and infected by these bacterias, a quick application of thyme oil may prevent the spreading of the thyme3bacteria.
  • HELPS CURE BODY ODOR – with its aniseptic and antifungal properties, thyme is now becoming a favorite compound included in many skin care products. And with its natural aromatic compound, it can also be a natural deodorant and mouthwash.
  • MOSQUITO REPELLANT – thyme has a thymol property that is one of the ingredients in many pesticides.  With thyme’s essential oil, it is the best natural mosquito repellant.  Thyme prevents the spread of mosquito sourced virus like dengue, Yellow fever virus and Chikungunya fever to name a few.
  • IMPROVES YOUR MOOD – with its natural aromatic and therapeutic properties, thyme essential oil intensifies your mood that affects the neuron activity.
  • Thyme is a good source of the minerlas copper, iron and manganese and is a high fiber herb.
  • Can be used as potpourri because of its aromatic smell.



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