Herbs and their Nutrients series: BASIL

thWhat are herbs?

Herb is the green leafy part of a plant used as flavoring, seasoning and sometime for garnishing our dish.  Most of the known herbs are not used as main ingredient.

Sometime these herbs can be used for making perfume and not too many know it but, herbs goes back in time when our ancestors used it as a form of medicine.  Until now, some still use it as an alternative medicine.

Today, herb is very popular to health buff and clean living urban professionals.  Housewives are also going with the trend of eating healthy food specially salad for themselves and their families.

These herb series will provide you some facts about this wonderful and healthy plants.  And we will start with basil.


Basil is one of the more popular of the herb population not only for salad making but also used for culinary purpose.  Some calls it as the ‘royal herb’ and others ‘king of herbs.’

The herb is highly fragrant that most of the time, it is not used as a garnish but as seasoning.  Popularly  by the Italians for their pesto.

Basil is a very popular healthy herb that ancient medics call it ‘holy herb’ for the nutrients it brings.  It is abundant in the tropical regions of Asia.

There are too many health benefits of this wonder herb.

Basil is very low in calories and it has no cholesterol that is needed for optimum health.  High in beta-carotene, vitamin A, lutein that are important in aging and various disease processes.  Vitamin A is also and antioxidant that is very essential for vision.

Vitamin A is also needed to prevent from lung and oral cancers.

The herb is very rich in vitamin K that is needed to give protein to our body and mainly for thickening of the blood in our system.

It also contains polyphenolic flavonoids that are tested as anti-oxidant for protection against radiation.  Flavonoids has anti-bacterial properties preventing the growth of unwanted bacteria in our body.

Basil contains the compound ‘zea-xanthin’ to help protext from age related mascular disease for the elderly.  And was found out that it filters UV rays to protect the retina.

It can also be said that basil is very rich in iron, potassium, manganese, magnesium and copper.  These are the minerals needed for the body fluid.

th (3)Magnesium promotes cardiovascular health benefit because it improves the flow of blood to the heart and it lessens the risk of spasm or irregular heart beat.

Basil’s essential oil is not only good for making perfume but it also prevents growth of bacteria and sometimes used as an antibiotic drug.

The enzyme found in basil is very useful of anti-inflammatory health problems like arthritis.

With all of these health benefits and nutrients in one tiny plant, we can all say that basil is the ‘SuperHerb’ among all healthy herbs.


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