Growing String Beans and Recycled Trellis from Old Scraps in the Backyard

Growing String Beans

Recycled Wood and Old Table Frame for String Beans Trellis

Our backyard is full of stuff we sometimes don’t realize we can put to use in planting at the garden. Part of Vermiculture and Composting blog and our family’s call is for self-sustainability, recycling and green environment. Today, I will discuss how we proved to do things easy if we just learn to recycle. We are growing string beans (sitaw in Tagalog) and testing it out if we could come up with an indigenous trellis out of our old backyard garden scraps.

A house has just been demolished and we have plenty of old wood from the window and a left alone table top removed from the frame arms of the table. We are then going to utilize and use these interesting old scraps and put them to use in providing some arbour where the string beans can grow and cling to and produce fresh organic and safe vegetables for the family. We just love cooking it with a sinigang recipe (tamarind pork soup).

As you can see from the pictures I have provided, we’ve started to grow string beans at the backyard small area where a house has been demolished. The first picture above shows you how small the string beans were after 1 week of watering and seed planting. Our problem at that time was that we didn’t want to buy plastic or anything to use for trellis so we decided to look in to the old scraps from the demolished house at the compound and found an old wooden window frame and table arms to use instead as arbour.

Glad we found these old foot frame from a dismantled and cracked table top which I personally used as a study table before and the window frame scraps. Those wooden window frames were now put to use as roofing for the trellis. A well developed string bean plant photo was posted beside to show how it has developed  and the first harvest after 1 month of care, watering and removing black aphids of some sort from the flowers. (See photo below)

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