Gardening Lingo: D-F

- D -

DAMPING OFF –  A fungus affecting seedlings and causes the stem to rot at soil level. It can also rot seeds before they even germinate.

DEADHEADING – The process of pinching or snipping off used blooms to keep the plants well groomed and to prevent them from setting seed. 

DIBBLE STICK – A pointed tool used to make holes in the soil.

DETATCH – Removing dead stems that build up beneath the grasses.

DIOECIOUS PLANT – Plants bear male flowers on one plant and female flowers on another in order to produce fruit and viable seeds.

DIVIDING – The process of splitting up plants, roots that are bound together.

DORMANCY – The yearly cycle in a plants life when growth slows and the plant rests.

DOUBLE DIGGING – Preparing the soil by systematically digging an area to two shovels deep.

DOUBLE FLOWER – A flower with many overlapping petals.

DRIP LINE -The circle you see if you drew a line below the tips of the outer most branches of a tree or plant.

- E -

EPIPHYTE – A plant which grows on another plant and gets its nourishment from the air and rainfall.

EROSION - The wearing , washing away, or removal of soil by wind, water or man.

ESPALIER - The process of training a tree or shrub so that its branches grow in a flat, exposed pattern by tying, pinching and pruning the branches. Often pear trees, apple trees, or ornamentals

EVERGREEN – A plant which never loses all of it’s leaves at the same time.

EVAPORATION - Process by which water returns to the air. 

EYE – An undeveloped growth of bud which will ultimately produce new growth.

-F -

FERTILIZER -Organic or inorganic plant foods which may be either liquid or granular used for soil improvement for a healthy and good quality or quantity of plant growth.

FLAT - A wooden shallow box or plastic tray used to start cuttings or seedlings.

FOILIAR FEEDING – Fertilizer applied in liquid soluble form applied to the plants foliage in a fine spray so the plant can absorb the nutrients through its leaves.

FORCING – The process of hastening a plants growth to maturity or bloom. Usually done indoors.

FROND - The branch and leaf structure of a fern or members of the palm family.

FROST – The condensation and freezing of moisture in the air.

FULL SHADE – A shade that is sometimes called deep shade created by mature trees.

FULL SUN –  A six hour-or-more direct sunlight exposure during the growing season of the year.

FUNGICIDE – A chemical used to control fungi that will cause diseases.

FURROW – A depression made to be used as drainage.

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