Garden Lingo: L – N


LATH – An overhead structure used to create shade.

LAYERING -.A method of propagation, by which a branch of a plant is rooted while still attached to the plant by  a piece of wire .

LEACHING – The process of  getting  rid of the soils of bad substances.

LEADER – The main growing shoot of a sapling.

LEAF CUTTING –  The leaf is removed and is placed in vermiculite or perlite for future baby plants.

LEAF MOLD - Decomposed leaf matter used as a soil amendment.

LEGUME – A plant whose roots form an association with soil borne bacteria that can capture atmospheric nitrogen.

LITHOPHYTE – Plants that grow on rocks or other areas that do not need soil. 

LOAM – Good quality soil. Adequate supplies of clay, sand, and fiber must be present. Crumbly to the touch. Ideal for most gardening.


MANURE – Animal droppings.

MARGINAL PLANT – Plants that will grow on the edges of ponds or lakes.

MICROCLIMATE – Set of conditions different from those surrounding the area.

MICRONUTRIENTS – Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen are the very important nutrients that plants need for proper growth. From the soil they will acquire nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus and in smaller quantities calcium, sulfur, and magnesium. And these are the micronutrients of a plant.

MICROORGANISMS – Animals and plants that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

MIXED BORDER – Shrubs and woody plants that are still in the bed when the annuals and perennials are gone for the season.

MOON GARDENING – Night gardening.

MULCH – Loose organic material over the soil as a protective covering or for decorative purposes. 


NATIVE PLANT – This refers to a plant that grows in the same habitat in which they originated.

NATURALIZE - To plant randomly, without a pattern.

NECTAR – A sugar and water substance secreted by flowers.

NEEM – A botanical insecticide that is nontoxic.

NEMATODE – A microscopic roundworm that lives in the soil.

NODE – The point on a stem where a leaf or bud is attached.


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