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To be able to get through to us here at Vermiculture Composting, you have a lot of choices. First off, you can befriend me, the author at my Google + Page – Janne Therese Casuncad. You can also get in touch with me at my official Facebook Profile as I am still on my way to construct an official fan page for this hobby.

In the meantime, you may send me an email note at my site email provider here – tjc1994 dot androidphoneappsreview at gmail dot com.

Alternately, you can always use my comments section to reach out and have your message sent. I always check my blog comments and promise to get back to you as soon as possible. Chiao!

3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Just want to know about vermicomposting for our small farm in Batangas. Hope to learn more from you. Thanks

  2. Hi I was womdering if I could interview you for my paper about vermicomposting. I am a journalism student from the University of Santo Tomas. Thank you!

    1. Hello, Kat, sorry for the very late reply. You can actually do an interview with me dahil ang daughter ko ay sa UST din pumapasok. If there is still a need for you to do it. You can contact me here- 366 36 45.

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