Complete Bokashi Composting Process for Kitchen Scraps [ Video ]

bokasi composting

Bokashi Compost Container

I found this really interesting video on how to exactly do bokashi composting at home. The name of the video uploader is The Hippy Seed Company. I must say this is how you actually do the layering of the kitchen scraps and how much bokashi bran is applied on every layer of veggie and other scraps you put in the bokashi composting bin. Take note that if you are having problems with the smell, it could be either that you are not applying enough bokashi bran to every layer of your scrap or you have an inferior quality of bokashi powder used to ferment your kitchen waste materials or you are allowing air to be present in your compost material or lastly, you are not draining the juice below your bin.

To remedy this stinky smell problem in your compost, you can either use a plastic to add up to the top layer after pressing your scraps further lower to remove any present air inbetween or you can spread a little bit more of the bokashi composting powder on every layer or you can go check every 2-3 days to see if there is any juice present below your compost and make sure to remove it or take it out to spray 1:1000 ratio to your plants or feed it to your animals or use as deodorizer in your toilet bowl or animal pen if you are nursing some chickens, hog or just about any animal that produces stinky smell through their manure. The juice is a very good deodorizer and composter too so you can add them directly to any kind of animal manure to compost them too and remove the smell of unbroken down ammonia in the air.

bokashi powder

Bokashi Powder Mix

Please also note that there is a big difference from the other videos that I was able to watch today to learn the basic process of doing composting of kitchen scraps with the use of bokashi composting and how to do the layering of your kitchen scraps everytime you want to add some more in the bokashi bin / container. Other videos would reveal that you have to take out the excess air in your bucket. Again, as mentioned above, you have to make sure to press your scraps further down using probably some makeshift potato presser so air is taken out of the bucket and cover it up later with black plastic (trash bin) and press it down to take out oxygen to make your compost anaerobic (without air) to easily help the effective microorganisms present in your bokashi powder to break down the scraps easily and more effectively.

In the video, you will also see that you have to make sure to regularly take out any bokashi juice present (every 2-3 days) below your bin. Do this by opening your bin faucet and stain out any remaining liquid. There are so many uses of this liquid, just make sure that you read other information on them so you can maximize its benefits whether you use it for animals, plants or as a deodorizer.

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