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What Ratio of Mixture is ideal for Vermicast Versus Soil for planting in pots, garden or a farm?

50% Soil + 50% Vermicast

50% Soil + 50% Vermicast

I have been asking myself and have been asked many times regarding the right composition and mixture of soil to vermicast is ideal for planting and I must admit that I do prefer it much better to answer today. The reason is because I have searched and researched online to find out an ideal ratio and proportion for mixing soil with vermicast and so far, none of them would tell which is best. Today, after visiting a local vermicast production and vermiculture or worm farm in Bay (Bae) Laguna, the TRP Vermifarm, I came to know by asking from the very experience of the people using their own product and surprisingly, here is what I found out. Continue reading

2012 Training Schedule for Vermiculture and Composting Technology – Philippines, Bureau of Plant Industry

Vermicomposting Station

Vermiculture Station Set Up

I’ve always loved and am for organic farming in the Philippines. Living here has never been the most rewarding of all amenities apart from the fact that we live in a very old house for free on rent. Continue reading