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Videos and techniques in how to do it best for vermiculture, composting, backyard gardening and organic farming combined.

How To Make CalPhos: Water Soluble Calcium Phosphate from Egg Shell [ Video ]

Calcium Phosphate Making

Calcium Phosphate Making Set Up

In Korean natural farming, one of the most important organic and natural farming inputs is making calphos or calcium phosphate out of egg shells which you can find present in any kitchen big or small that you have at home. Eggs are a commonly eaten food especially during breakfast and even if you are not eating them daily, chances are, you can still get some eggs from your neighbor and ask them to lend it to you. Restaurants also give out anything that they regard as waste and egg shells are one of the most common restaurant wastes that are easy to get and ask from these establishments. Continue reading

Korean Natural Farming: How to Culture and Harvest Lacto Bacillus for EM-1™ Inoculant Production

Lacto Bacillus Microbes

Lacto Bacillus Microorganisms

In the 40 minute video of Korean natural farming ways where you can see the step by step procedures on how to culture and harvest lacto bacillus for use in your small garden or large farm, we hope to teach you with simple attainable ways of implementing it. Whether you are a small farmer or a big farm owner, you can do this with very minimal cost instead of buying online from sources out there who also do it with their own. Remember that all these Korean natural farming inputs are derived from out of what ingredients we have available in our home so basically, there is no fear that you can’t do it or will do it wrong. (full photo credits to Continue reading