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Insects and pests that are harmful to your garden

A beautiful garden,  waiting for the fruits and vegetables to harvest, such a stress reliever from a hard earned effort to eat healthy, a beautiful sight to the eyes.

But, not everyone knows that even the best gardener or farmer in town faces the nightmare before the consolation.  And that nightmare are the insects and pests that is the number one enemy of gardeners. Continue reading

Okra’s benefit and nutritions


One of the favorite backyard vegetable you can grow is the very nutritional Okra or “lady’s finger.  It is easy to plant only if you are in a tropical or warm place.

The elongated, green, pod producing vegetable is wildly used since the ancient times as food and for source of nutrients.  It was first discovered in the regions of North Africa and the Middle East.  Until now, it is still a favorite vegetable and mostly grown in the Asia. Continue reading

Vertical Farming


In the busy, crowded and modern urban cities, lack of space is scarce. The never ending skyscraper structures in every corner of major cities are a sight to see for the locals and tourists.

But with the continuous global warming, pollution brought by human error, growth in human population,  how can these modern generation help the environment to keep the air clean if most of these young professionals live in high rise condominiums? Continue reading

Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad Benguet – Baguio Trip

La Trinidad Benguet Strawberries

La Trinidad Benguet Strawberry Farm Visit

Baguio is know for its cool weather and La Trinidad, Benguet Strawberry Farm otherwise is known for its freshly picked strawberries of assorted sizes and sweetness. This year, the 3 of us finally got the chance to visit the Strawberry Farm as it is part of the top must visit places in Baguio when people flock to experience the cool breeze and fog late afternoon and early morning sun.

The 3 of us got to Baguio so very early at 4:30 AM and got our accommodation for a cheap transient house somewhere in Marcos Hiway near the entrance to the City of Pines – Ferionni.

Our first reservation which failed was supposed to be at Lyn’s Transient House due to change of time arrival and travel of the family. Continue reading