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Complete Bokashi Composting Process for Kitchen Scraps [ Video ]

bokasi composting

Bokashi Compost Container

I found this really interesting video on how to exactly do bokashi composting at home. The name of the video uploader is The Hippy Seed Company. I must say this is how you actually do the layering of the kitchen scraps and how much bokashi bran is applied on every layer of veggie and other scraps you put in the bokashi composting bin. Take note that if you are having problems with the smell, it could be either that you are not applying enough bokashi bran to every layer of your scrap or you have an inferior quality of bokashi powder used to ferment your kitchen waste materials or you are allowing air to be present in your compost material or lastly, you are not draining the juice below your bin. Continue reading

Learning How to Raise Culture and Harvest EM / Beneficial Microbes (Effective Microorganisms) for Bokashi Composting


Beneficial Microorganisms

Just for a short introduction, I’d like my future readers to know about EM or effective microorganisms, otherwise called by some organic and natural farming geeks out there as beneficial microbes. EM is basically a helper in many ways and can be utilized for use in the environment. Continue reading

Nitrogen-Fixing Crops and Plants to Help Aid Your Backyard Garden or Farm

nitrogen fixation system

Infographic of Nitrogen Fixation Process

Backyard gardening has never been fun since I learned all about nitrogen-fixing plants and crops and how they can be used in a garden set up to help produce healthier more vibrant and vigorous vegetables and plants and at the same time contribute to organic and natural farming. After reading it from wikipedia and learning all about it from a video I was able to watch about the master of One Straw Revolution, master farmer Masanobu Fukuoka and his permaculture technology system, it came to my mind to try out the principle. I got me some straw from Cavite house back last week after observing Lenten or Holy Week there with my family, Ana (my wife) and TJ (our one and only daughter). You can read about him here – Anyways, you can watch the video below that I embedded from YouTube.Com. (photo courtesy of Continue reading

What is Compost Tea, Where and How to Use it, Advantages of Application, Dosage / Ratio and How to Make

compost tea

Compost Tea Production Set Up

What is a Compost Tea? Where do you use it and how to use it?

By self definition based from my own understanding, compost tea is a brew made out of combining compost either from a vermicast or kitchen waste composted material and dechlorinated water or natural water, less chlorine and ammonia or any other treatment. The combination is achieved and final product which is compost tea is had with the use of basic materials such as a pail and aeration tool (in most cases – aquarium pump). Continue reading

Organic Farming and how it helps farmers, small time growers, backyard gardeners, environment and the people

Organic Vegetable Garden

Organic Vegetable Garden

There are literally countless ways that organic farming helps people, their agriculture systems, farming, yield, environment and the whole eco-system. Continue reading