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Tips to have a healthy organic vegetable garden

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The all natural product technique gardening or organic gardening has been very popular now specially to all health buff people and the growing population of vegetarians and it is not only because they want organic gardening to be their happy, but, it caters to their new found healthy lifestyle. Continue reading

Experiment: Strawberry Planting in Manila

So it’s obvious from my title that this is something very few if none would dare do in Metro Manila and that is to plant strawberry mother plant / runners in a pot and see if it will grow in hot urban condition. The mother plant which we are going to plant are those that came from Baguio Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad, Benguet. It’s cold there compared to Manila weather and if this doesn’t work, then all future investments in time to plant and propagate organic strawberry in Manila would definitely close down and other options and experiments will soon continue to be done. Continue reading