The benefits of hydroponic gardening and how to start it from home

We have discussed in our previous article about hydroponics gardening, what it’s all about, the types or method how to start this kind of gardening.

Now for more visual tutorial about hydroponics, you can follow the steps and hoping this will start you very own hydroponics garden and may this also be the start of very healthy living lifestyle and helping the environment to have clean air and answer to food shortage.


  • Hydroponic Bubble Buckets / Ebb and Flow


  • Passive hydroponic systems


With this tutorial in starting your own hydroponic gardening, the question now is, how will it really benefit human and its environment?

Well one is, it’s very cheap in maintaining your plants.  Saves a lot of space for gardening is another.

In hydroponic gardening, plants receive its nutrient from the water and not soil.  This is an efficient way for the plant to benefit its nutrients from the water than any soil based plants.

Soil based farming takes a lot of labor work.  Planting the seed, watering the plants, fertilizing it, making it sure that no pests to infest you crops.  It is very stressful.

We have always known that plants need soil, water and sunlight.  But we were never taught of where the plants nutrients come from and soil is not the source.  Soil dilutes the nutrients plants need.  It takes time for the root of the plants to find their source of nutrients beneath the soil.

Soil based plants are exposed to pests, diseases, flood, storm damage and drought.  And many of these desease from the plants came from the soil.

Using this kind of system, it has been tested by many farmers that, plants grow faster and bigger than any other plants in soil two times.  Many farmers, home gardeners and greenhouse gardeners took notice of this when they tried it with the lettuce.

Hydroponic gardening allows plants density to be quadrupled, which means four times more production for the space without using any herbicides or pesticides.

From this, many are now seriously considering hydroponic gardening as a solution to the growing food shortage globally.

Gardening as we all know is a stress reliever hobby.  Gardeners, will include the farmers here, get their satisfaction if they see their crop or harvest successful and healthy.  Such boost in their confidence to redo it all over again.  Gardening now is not only a simple hobby, but also an income generating hobby.

Starting hydroponics gardening will let your creative side come out.  Its like pushing yourself to its limit when it comes to creativeness.  You choose the plants to grow, how you will design its containers, what the best system to choose to grow healthy plants. Not only you being creative but your personality will come out in the plants you grow, the way your system will work out.  And who knows, you might also become a garden scientist by cloning what plant should go with the other plant.

It was found out that, vegetables grown through hydroponic gardening tastes a lot better than ordinary soil grown plants.  It’s because, in hydroponic gardening, plants lose a lot of sugary content to give the natural flavor of the fruits and vegetables.

If you thought that you are only doing gardening as a hobby, you will never notice that, you are doing an exercise without even lifting weights.  In hydroponics, you get a lot of physical activity, squatting, filling the reservoir, hauling buckets, these are forms of exercise.  We can add stretching after the bending and the lifting.  With this, you are burning too many calories and your heart and lungs benefit from these activities.


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