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We are a Filipino family. I love backyard gardening and blogging and my wife loves doing the same while our only daughter, Janne loves to eat our organic vegetable product. I do weekend leisure in the garden with my wife, Ana who also happens to love plants and gardening so much. We jive in this deed and we are both happy this way. We love to follow “think green attitude” and are both very much for self-sustainability work. We are sharing our passion for natural and organic farming through this blog as we turn it into a small family business type of hobby. You can take a look at the products we sell by visit our Store.

All these gave us the reason why we put up a small vermicomposting and worm farm set up at home in Caloocan City, Manila using a plastic bin we call “planggana” which has been going on for almost 3 weeks now from September 1, 2012 up to September 19, 2012, the date of the writing of this post. With this set up, I am looking forward to learn more about vermiculture, how and when to feed worms and working out on how to provide the best ideal worm bed for our ANCs.

We both want to eventually learn what best practices are needed to maintain our small worm farm and vermicomposting set up at home and eventually grow it into a bigger one to be able to help supply the need for growers and small gardeners and help them divert attention from the use of chemical fertilizers to safe and proven effective organic soil enhancers in our pure vermicast / vermicompost.

Soon, we are looking forward to sell our produce of vermicast and ANC or African Nightcrawler worms. I am also planning on making my own design of worm bin soon and we are going to have it available here on our website for sale.We also want to feature and chronicle our escapades in using vermicast in our plants and vegetable garden. For now, we have already grown our own organic lemon grass, patola, alugbati, sweet potato (camote), papaya, guava and saluyot.

Soon we will also have our own organic cucumber plant growing into a vine to supply us enough consumption for daily fresh organic vegetable salad in the meal table. If you want to buy our fresh products, you can use our contact us but we don’t deliver, you will have to take it fresh from our small garden farm yourself to give you the joy of personally harvesting what you want to buy. Pictures will be provided here on our website for the daily dose of fresh veggies for sale.

For now, we are selling ANC in the Philippines as well as pure vermicast to interested backyard gardeners, container gardeners, small growers and farmers as well. Order deliveries will be entertained only on weekends because we also have work to attend to and this is just a small family business to help us spread the good deed and the good words to other farmers, growers and backyard gardeners in the urban areas in Metro Manila.

Keep safe always and think green, healthy and self-sustainable.


Sam Casuncad | Ana Aguirre Casuncad and Janne Therese Casuncad – Backyard Gardeners in Urban Manila

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