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Experiment: Strawberry Planting in Manila

So it’s obvious from my title that this is something very few if none would dare do in Metro Manila and that is to plant strawberry mother plant / runners in a pot and see if it will grow in hot urban condition. The mother plant which we are going to plant are those that came from Baguio Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad, Benguet. It’s cold there compared to Manila weather and if this doesn’t work, then all future investments in time to plant and propagate organic strawberry in Manila would definitely close down and other options and experiments will soon continue to be done. Continue reading

Complete Bokashi Composting Process for Kitchen Scraps [ Video ]

bokasi composting

Bokashi Compost Container

I found this really interesting video on how to exactly do bokashi composting at home. The name of the video uploader is The Hippy Seed Company. I must say this is how you actually do the layering of the kitchen scraps and how much bokashi bran is applied on every layer of veggie and other scraps you put in the bokashi composting bin. Take note that if you are having problems with the smell, it could be either that you are not applying enough bokashi bran to every layer of your scrap or you have an inferior quality of bokashi powder used to ferment your kitchen waste materials or you are allowing air to be present in your compost material or lastly, you are not draining the juice below your bin. Continue reading

How To Make CalPhos: Water Soluble Calcium Phosphate from Egg Shell [ Video ]

Calcium Phosphate Making

Calcium Phosphate Making Set Up

In Korean natural farming, one of the most important organic and natural farming inputs is making calphos or calcium phosphate out of egg shells which you can find present in any kitchen big or small that you have at home. Eggs are a commonly eaten food especially during breakfast and even if you are not eating them daily, chances are, you can still get some eggs from your neighbor and ask them to lend it to you. Restaurants also give out anything that they regard as waste and egg shells are one of the most common restaurant wastes that are easy to get and ask from these establishments. Continue reading

Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad Benguet – Baguio Trip

La Trinidad Benguet Strawberries

La Trinidad Benguet Strawberry Farm Visit

Baguio is know for its cool weather and La Trinidad, Benguet Strawberry Farm otherwise is known for its freshly picked strawberries of assorted sizes and sweetness. This year, the 3 of us finally got the chance to visit the Strawberry Farm as it is part of the top must visit places in Baguio when people flock to experience the cool breeze and fog late afternoon and early morning sun.

The 3 of us got to Baguio so very early at 4:30 AM and got our accommodation for a cheap transient house somewhere in Marcos Hiway near the entrance to the City of Pines – Ferionni.

Our first reservation which failed was supposed to be at Lyn’s Transient House due to change of time arrival and travel of the family. Continue reading

Growing String Beans and Recycled Trellis from Old Scraps in the Backyard

Growing String Beans

Recycled Wood and Old Table Frame for String Beans Trellis

Our backyard is full of stuff we sometimes don’t realize we can put to use in planting at the garden. Part of Vermiculture and Composting blog and our family’s call is for self-sustainability, recycling and green environment. Today, I will discuss how we proved to do things easy if we just learn to recycle. We are growing string beans (sitaw in Tagalog) and testing it out if we could come up with an indigenous trellis out of our old backyard garden scraps.

A house has just been demolished and we have plenty of old wood from the window and a left alone table top removed from the frame arms of the table. We are then going to utilize and use these interesting old scraps and put them to use in providing some arbour where the string beans can grow and cling to and produce fresh organic and safe vegetables for the family. We just love cooking it with a sinigang recipe (tamarind pork soup). Continue reading