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Korean Natural Farming: How to Culture and Harvest Lacto Bacillus for EM-1™ Inoculant Production

Lacto Bacillus Microbes

Lacto Bacillus Microorganisms

In the 40 minute video of Korean natural farming ways where you can see the step by step procedures on how to culture and harvest lacto bacillus for use in your small garden or large farm, we hope to teach you with simple attainable ways of implementing it. Whether you are a small farmer or a big farm owner, you can do this with very minimal cost instead of buying online from sources out there who also do it with their own. Remember that all these Korean natural farming inputs are derived from out of what ingredients we have available in our home so basically, there is no fear that you can’t do it or will do it wrong. (full photo credits to Continue reading

Video: How to Plant and Grow Asparagus in your Backyard or in a Small Farm

asparagus planting

How to Plant Asparagus Crowns

Gardeners and backyard farmers are the ones welcome in learning how to plant asparagus. But beforehand, I’d like to raise some frequently asked questions about the plant, its propagation and culture in your backyard or in your small farm planting bed so you know also how to grow and care for your perennial plant. Continue reading

Learning How to Raise Culture and Harvest EM / Beneficial Microbes (Effective Microorganisms) for Bokashi Composting


Beneficial Microorganisms

Just for a short introduction, I’d like my future readers to know about EM or effective microorganisms, otherwise called by some organic and natural farming geeks out there as beneficial microbes. EM is basically a helper in many ways and can be utilized for use in the environment. Continue reading

Nitrogen-Fixing Crops and Plants to Help Aid Your Backyard Garden or Farm

nitrogen fixation system

Infographic of Nitrogen Fixation Process

Backyard gardening has never been fun since I learned all about nitrogen-fixing plants and crops and how they can be used in a garden set up to help produce healthier more vibrant and vigorous vegetables and plants and at the same time contribute to organic and natural farming. After reading it from wikipedia and learning all about it from a video I was able to watch about the master of One Straw Revolution, master farmer Masanobu Fukuoka and his permaculture technology system, it came to my mind to try out the principle. I got me some straw from Cavite house back last week after observing Lenten or Holy Week there with my family, Ana (my wife) and TJ (our one and only daughter). You can read about him here – Anyways, you can watch the video below that I embedded from YouTube.Com. (photo courtesy of Continue reading