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What is Compost Tea, Where and How to Use it, Advantages of Application, Dosage / Ratio and How to Make

compost tea

Compost Tea Production Set Up

What is a Compost Tea? Where do you use it and how to use it?

By self definition based from my own understanding, compost tea is a brew made out of combining compost either from a vermicast or kitchen waste composted material and dechlorinated water or natural water, less chlorine and ammonia or any other treatment. The combination is achieved and final product which is compost tea is had with the use of basic materials such as a pail and aeration tool (in most cases – aquarium pump). Continue reading

Container Gardening in Manila – How to do Tomato and Pechay Organic Backyard Farming

tomato backyard farming

Organic Tomato Container Gardening Sample

If most of us thought that organic container gardening is not possible in Manila and that farming our daily table meal vegetables can only be done in large farming lots, in provinces like Cavite, Bulacan, Baguio, Laguna, Rizal and the like, you could be wrong. Our family has just proven that there are options, alternative to farming vegetables in Metro Manila the organic way – healthy and safe to eat. That we can actually grown any type of vegetable anywhere we want and anytime. My dad is a garden geek and my mom loves plants and the art of growing vegetables with a challenge. Here’s what they did. Continue reading