15 of the Most Edible Flowers

th (9)In our previous article about flowers, we only discussed the health benefits, the floral arrangements and the more commonly known use of flowers,  to beautify our surroundings, homes and the romantic side a flower can give.

But did you know that some of these beautiful flowers are edible?

Don’t worry, it’s not only you who have no knowledge of edible flowers but there are many of us neglecting the other benefit we can get from it, and we are really neglecting big time.

With the discovery of some flowers to be edible, it became very popular in the culinary use like herbs, as a popular garnish and for innovative chefs, as an ingredient.

In most of the fine dining restaurants in the world, flowers can be included in the main dish, desserts, beverages like teas and wines, ans sometimes as spreads or dressings.

But of course, there are edible flowers that need to be consumed in small amounts, and some of these are also not appealing to our taste buds but still edible.

Never use flowers that, you may know its edible, but if it came from a flower shop or in any garden that you have no idea how they grew it, better rely on a gardeners you know are into organic gardening.

These edible flowers must be eaten fresh and harvested early in the day.  And once it says that this flower is edible, remember that you need to eat the petals only.

Here are 15 of the more edible and safe flowers that you can eat:

  • BORAGE – also known as starflower, its leaves are also edible.Traditionally its cultivated for culinary and medicinal uses, but borage is now a commercialy cultivated as an oilseed


  • CHRYSANTHEMUM – the yellow or white chrysanthemum flowers can be made to a sweet drink or tea.  Its leaves are commonly use in Chinese cuisine and its flower can add aroma to any meat soup.  Japanese also use chrysanthemums for sashimi garnish.


  • CALENDULA – its flower are common ingredient in German soups and stews. Its petals are also use to add color to butter and cheese. Calendula can also be made to a tea.


  • DANDELION – its flowers are delicious if cultivated young and tender.  Dandelion can also be made into a wine.


  • DAYLILY – flowers are mostly used as food stuffings.


  • ENGLISH DAISY - this flower can be used as a potherb. Its young leaves can be included in your salad or eaten raw.  The flowers can also be eaten raw and good for sandwiches and soups.

english daisy

  •  JASMINE -  a very popular herbal tea, jasmines fragrant property can be an additional garnish to sweet dishes.



  • LILAC – its edible flower can serve as garnish in every dishes but more popularly used as cake decoration.


  • LAVENDER -its tastes are sweet and spicy. Its flowers are a great for savory and sweet dishes.



  • NASTARTIUM -its flowers have a peppery taste. Nastartium can be made into vinegar and vodka.The bright colors make great accents in salads.



  • PANSY – the whole flower is edible, sepals and all. With its mild, minty flavor, Pansy can work well for candying and make great decorations on top of cakes.


  • RED CLOVER –  with its sweet tasting flavor, red clover are commonly used as herbal tea.

red clover

  • ROSE – are occasionaly made into marmalade, jam and jelly.  Rose tea are very popular kind of herbal tea.  There are now rose flavored ice cream.  It also adds aroma to food.


  • SUNFLOWER -its petals can be eaten raw or steamed like an artichoke.


  • VIOLETS - is an edible flower that are used mainly as garnishes to desserts and drinks.




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